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'Hi, thank you - you played a big part in this. We really appreciate all you taught us and how much stronger we have become as a couple and family with your support and guidance' CR & BR 'Counselling Clients'

‘I write following my counselling sessions with Michael to express my gratitude to him for resolving the issues surrounding my childhood abuse.


There is no doubt in my mind that he is a natural counsellor with a remarkable ability to get into the heart and mind of the 'Client'. He patiently teases out the issues with the firm, kind and 'That's OK' approach of a warm, dedicated, consummate professional.


I am 69 years old, a man abused by other men as an 8/9 year old, and now have the issues surrounding this abuse resolved better than ever before. Michael did that.


And I have tried everything from inter alia self help books to hypnotherapy and CBT.


I had a career as an Engineering Officer in the RAF until I was 39 and then various professional management roles finally spending the last 15-20 years as a Financial Adviser.


I have met few people in this long and varied career that have impressed me as much as Michael. His professionalism and counselling abilities have transformed me, indeed my mind is more 'at rest' than ever before in my life.


I wish him well in his Career as a Counsellor and can only hope that this missive will help him in the future – helping others like me. A future he so richly deserves’.

Peter S. 2015 Counselling client


‘I would just like to thank you for the support you have given me over the past few months. It’s been a very long journey with you all, especially for one man who’s been every step of the way and who has stuck by me through thick and thin. All my negative thoughts have now turned into positive thoughts. I never thought all this abuse would finally come to an end, but it has, now I am a survivor’!

C. 2014 Counselling client


‘Professional and dedicated. I have had the pleasure to work with him. Highly recommended’.

Richard Scanlan. 2015 Professional Colleague

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